Gordon the Back Man


Absolute Horse magazine and Gordon Johnson Houghton recently joined forces via Facebook to offer one lucky reader the chance to have their horse treated, using the McTimoney-Corley method. From all of the applications and profiles received Nikki Adams and Steph Adamek with their new purchase 'Boffin' were chosen. Based at a yard in Hasketon, Suffolk, Boffin is a 15hh Bay TB gelding who had previously raced about ten times. Steph and Nikki plan to spend this season building him up and getting to know him before embarking on some British Showjumping classes.
Nikki reports, "Boff seemed to enjoy his treatment, he was very relaxed throughout. Sometimes he looked at Gordon as if to say, "What are you doing to my back/leg/tail? How very strange!" After Gordon left Boffin seemed very content and almost relieved. He spent the rest of the day grazing. We have just started to ride him as he needed a couple of days to relax, which was not surprising considering the amount of work Gordon had to do on him. We are doing as much hill work as possible, and are continuing with the pole work to build up his hind quarters and make his pelvic area stronger. He was far more 'even' today as he had previously 'crabbed'. We are excited in the difference so far and are looking forward to his follow-up treatment." Read about the treatment here

"Robustian disappointed us a couple of times and Stephen Carson, his jockey, thought he wasn't moving as well as he used to. We called in Gordon and he worked the oracle with 1 treatment - the little horse won next time!" Will Reddy, Head Lad of Woodway Racing.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Rufus felt so much better today. I took him in the school for 20 mins and he did not feel like he was dropping to one side half as much as he was before you saw him. Looking forward to you seeing him again on

"Jill Dawson has shown a tendency to jar up, but treatment from Gordon definitely makes her more comfortable and contributed to her recent win." John Berry, Newmarket Trainer.


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A horse in training being treated by Gordon only a few days after running. You can see the horse is so concerned about what I'm doing he's not even held!